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  • dried fruits

    OWN products are all natural, without any additives, chemicals, preservatives or coloring.

  • grain seeds

    Sourcing the highest quality imported and local ingredients.

  • nuts

    Our products have naturally high nutritional value. We don’t use any fillers and flavors such as corn flakes, rice crisps or syrups.

Our Mission

Redefining the Snack Market.

OWN Snacks provides you with delicious and nutritious products made from wholesome natural ingredients, packed with key macro and micro nutrients. Nutrition with ultimate convenience provides you the necessary energy to manage your everyday tasks!

OWN Snacks are crafted to be suitable for any lifestyle and for all ages, any time of day.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of wholesome nutrition.

We create innovative nutrition snacks to provide your body and mind with the nourishment they need to OWN whatever you embark on!

Food has the power to do much more than fueling our lives. OWN Snacks not only energize you but allows you to feel good when snacking, the ultimate taste good, guilt-free snacks!

Our values of honesty, creativity and simplicity are reflected in our products. The ingredients used are sourced from reputable sources. The nutrition we craft allows you to consume wholesome nutrition in new ways. And finally, maintaining the simplicity in ingredients, products and communication!

The OWNers

The Jugglers of life!

The OWNers are the people that these snacks were developed for. The people who snack smart, looking for wholesome, balanced nutrition to help them achieve more.

Become an OWNer today!

All Natural

No Preservatives, No Added Flavors, No Colors, No Fillers, No Added Sugar.

dried fruitsDried Fruits


Grains & Seedsgrain & seeds


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